About Our Hearing Center

By insisting that our audiologists be certified and licensed, you can be assured that we’ve mastered all the necessary training to be considered experts in the field of hearing improvement. But credentials are only the beginning. We are dedicated to constantly upgrading our knowledge to give our patients the most advanced care possible.

The Hearing Care Clinic serves communities in DuPage County, Illinois, surrounding Downers Grove. Some of the communities in this area are Lemont, Lisle, Woodridge, Westmont, Darien, Clarendon Hills, Willowbrook and Lombard.

The Hearing Care Clinic is open Monday through Friday. Appointments are required so that the audiologist is able to spend quality time with each patient.

How Do You Maximize Your Hearing Potential?

A comprehensive hearing test is the first step in the hearing evaluation process. If you know you have less than normal hearing or suspect a hearing loss, an appointment with one of our audiologists is your first step toward better hearing. Our audiological staff will conduct scientific hearing tests to evaluate your hearing.

Once we have performed your comprehensive hearing test, together we will determine your actual amplification needs in order to improve your hearing.

Hearing aids are customized to the individual’s specific hearing loss. What one client needs in his or her hearing aids may be completely different from another individual. The hearing aids your neighbor has may not be right for you.

We are interested in your concerns and special needs. If you are in and out of a lot of different listening environments, there are special hearing aids to address this situation. If you are concerned about the cosmetics of hearing aids, we have some very inconspicuous options. If you use the phone a lot, we have recommendations for you.

Individually customized devices to protect your hearing can be worn when you are exposed to extended periods of excessive noise. The noise protection devices are individually fitted for your comfort.